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Lumberjack Winter Edition 2023


In a tale of endurance and heroism, the Lumberjack Winter Edition 2023 unfolded over two perfect gravelbike days. Participants braved diverse weather conditions, transforming their gravelbike journey into a truly heroic adventure.


Day 1: A bit chilly, with warm glimpses of the sun ☀️


The event kicked off on Thursday with crisp & windy weather conditions that set the stage for a day of thrilling rides. Participants embraced the chilly breeze as they navigated through scenic trails, enjoying the picturesque surroundings and creating gravelbike memories under the clear skies. The after-bike was the icing on the cake, finishing off a truly great Lumberjack day!

Day 2: A rainy day of heroic feats 🌧️


As the sun gave way to clouds on Friday, the Lumberjack community faced the challenge of a rainy day. Undeterred by the downpour, riders showcased true heroism, conquering muddy paths and challenging terrains amidst the rhythmic pattering of raindrops. The rain added an extra layer of intensity, turning the event into a heroic saga of determination and resilience.

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Lumberjack Events extends a heartfelt "thank you!" to all participants and volunteers who contributed to making the Winter Edition 2023 an epic saga. Your heroic spirit in the face of diverse weather conditions embodies the true essence of Lumberjack Gravel Series. 


We received lots of positive feedback, which makes us extremely proud and thankful. We also listened carefully to some remarks and will make sure that this input is translated into even better Lumberjack events in 2024. 


We hope to to see you there and for now, enjoy the after movie & pictures!

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Gravel riding is hot!


Lumberjack, the original gravel ride, proudly helped create this hype and continues to build the future of this beautiful sport!

Although we inspire other organizers, our authentic experience is difficult to match.


During the Lumberjack Gravel Series, 'Experience' is central, it is in the DNA of organizer Café Coureur. The Series take you to the best gravel locations at home and abroad!

Lumberjack Gravel Series, powered by Café Coureur

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  • Perfect gravelroutes

  • Cup of delicious steaming coffee at the start

  • Typical Lumberjack supply(s)

  • Technical assistance

  • Bike cleaning

  • Shower option

  • Free Kwaremont beer

  • Good food

  • Après-bike with music & campfire

  • Photos & video material available for free after the event

  • Campervan parking

  • Uni atmosphere

  • ...

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In case you haven't noticed yet: our name is linked to a theme!


Everyone is welcome, but it will be extra fun if everyone participates in a Lumberjack outfit!

No outfit? Don't worry!

You can order Lumberjack jackets and other clothing during your registration or before/after the event! 



Lumberjack Gravel Series

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